5 Last Minute Valentine Gifts Ideas With Links And Prices

Valentines Day is coming and you have no idea what your loved one would like to get? Here is 5 real-life examples of the best gifts I received that are useful for travel:

1. Kindle Paperwhite

Is your girlfriend or wife a bookworm? She can’t call a day unless she reads a few pages of the newest book? She’s a book nerd?
If this is the case, the Kindle sounds like a perfect gift for her, especially if you go for a long-time travel. Kindle is small, light and can contain hundreds of books!

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2. Opinel knife

Is your beloved a tomboy? She likes to take care of herself, cook amazing meals with butternut squash or carve sculptures in wood? This small, stylish knife will be a perfect gift for her. I got mine from a friend and even though the knife looks terribly used, it’s still sharp as hell. I always have it with me as it perfectly fits in the jacket or trousers pocket.

You can get it here

3.One Plus One

I was looking for a good camera but I don’t anymore. I got this phone from my husband. I do stock photos with it. It’s indestructible. It’s amazing. The glass is still pure as new, no scratches, although I keep it in my pocket with other things, it also fell a few times. My husband got me also a cover to protect it better.

Click here to get it

4. Productivity Planner

If your chosen one is a digital nomad, then she will love this planner that has a perfect shape, colour and content. It’s an interactive tool that guides you through the tasks of the week. The planner is designed to last for half a year. While using it, I’ve managed to publish two of my texts, find a writing job and have my stock photos accepted to one of the biggest stock pages, all of that while working full-time in the restaurant. Totally worth it!

Productivity Planner – Daily Planner – Non Dated 5 x 8″ just a few clicks away

5. Travel Jewellery

Most of us love jewellery of sort and travel-related earrings, bracelet or necklace might be an amazing idea! You will find plenty of choice on Etsy. Still not convinced? You can look for a travel merchandise on websites like Redbubble.com or Zazzle.